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Buddermin (Boba Inu team member)

I was lucky enough and especially grateful to spend an afternoon in Westminster, Maryland at the Humane Society of Carroll County to present them with a $500 donation on behalf of Boba Inu. The first donation of many for Boba Inu as we embark on a philanthropic journey with the goal of helping those in need for years to come.

The Humane Society of Carroll County was organized in 1945 with the current animal shelter being built on this rural property in 1981. A large livestock holding facility was added in 1983. The property also includes a large pond that attracts and allows the public to visit and enjoy harvest fishing.

The Humane Society employs 9 full-time staff and approximately 3 dozen volunteers that help us on a regular basis with cleaning, transport, and other needs. They have about 50–75 more that help with events, and other items as needed when they are able. They are always looking for volunteer help.

The Humane Society spends approximately $200,000 in medical costs per year (this includes vet services such as spay/neuter, microchip, vaccines, lab tests, medicines, medical supplies, lifesaving surgeries, etc.). Of that $200k, about 92% is raised through donations.

The shelter has a live release rate of 97% at this current time. This percentage qualifies them as a no-kill shelter. A no-kill shelter is when at least 90% of animals in a shelter are finding positive outcomes and being placed.

For the shelter, this means that 97% of the animals that come in their doors, find a new placement (ex: barn home, adopted, transferred to another rescue, etc.). The 3% would be animals that have to be humanely euthanized. They only euthanize for circumstances such as severe and untreatable illness/injury (ex: hit by car and suffering), and severe aggressive behaviors that would be unsafe to place in a home. They have amazing support from fosters, and currently have over 100 kittens in foster homes.

For any additional information on the Humane Society of Carroll County and how to donate or sponsor any of their upcoming events, please visit @CCHumaneSoc

I would also like to give a big thanks to the Carroll County Veterinary Clinic, which graciously recommended that Boba Inu’s first donation go to the Humane Society of Carroll County. The veterinary clinic also does fantastic work in their community of Westminster and ever so kindly let me visit and use their viral sign to promote the Humane Society and Boba Inu. More information on the Veterinary Clinic can be found at



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